What’s now Elisya comes up from different and various projects for a case made meeting between Fomalhaut and Alfirk in Summer ’98.
Both of Them , even if 21 , comes from different experience before Elisya:
Fomalhaut , after 3 years of classic guitar turned to electric starting in 96 the goth band Jack Of Spades , in which he stayed for abuot a year.
After this experience he started in 97 the first incarnation of Elisya, a group with a classic line up playing Death/Black metal in its pure form, and started to sing as a growler/screamer. In this band he met Sheratan, who left the band due to personal attriction some months later.
With the changing line up and the continuous troubles in the band, Fomalhaut started to change his musical perspective and to lose interest in a canonic form of extreme metal.
In June 98 the project Elisya was quitted.
Alfirk studied classical guitar, and the turned electric and soon started teaching for a local musical school.
He played lead in various grind,death projects; like The Embelmed in which he stayed quite long.
After some time he become tired of playing the same old riffs and song patterns, and left the band.
It’s then they met, and decided to give life to a whole new band, mixing stiles and influences .
Fomh called Sheratan and found a Drummer, and the band started with the name Elisya.
In mid December 98, they lost their drummer and choose to drop the few limits remained in their music by devolving the drum patterns to pure electronic.
In June ’99 they recorded Nexus Gemini, their first Mini/Demo, mixing it after Holidays ,in September.
This record is a good frame of the band musical ideas, even if it shows limits especially due to the budget and to the poor instrumentation they had in their hands.
After Nexus’ recordings, Elisya quitted the collaboration with Sheratan due to both personal attriction and a lack of decision towards the new solutions the band was planning.
Fomalhaut and Alfirk, the compositive core of the group, never stopped trying new, so they’re still working on the evolution they plotted for the band, adding more rich arrangements and more various vocal lines by using clean vocals beside screams and growls, keyboard shall be enhanced as well.

In 2001 they started new material, the PROMO1 from the upcoming full length “Across”, in which the band tried new solutions, clean vocals, although still in evolution, besides the growl and scream, new chances for the employment of guitars and effects, quickly becoming a trademark of the band. Also keyboards achieve a different dimension both in the songwriting and in the arrangement of the material.

In the PROMO1 the band joined with the collaboration of a bass player that helped compressing the rhythmical structure of the songs aiding the guitars and leaving them free to explore most experimental sounds and lines.

After 2001 the band experienced troubled years due to personal problems and paths of life of the band members. Elisya remains silent for 4 long years and "Across" full lenght album was not released.but strongly was growing alive in Fomalhaut and Alfirk.

They go back to work with new ideas and passion in the end of 2004 and in Summer 2005 finally they recorded "ACROSS " mini CD, which is gonna be out in Summer 2006 and it is a very good mirror of the high state of health of Elisya.

After the recording of "ACROSS " Elisya didn't stop working and they already have new songs on working, ready for the next full lenght album, out 24/11/2006

In December 2006 after a proof cooperation for a live show in Milan musician from italian death metal band Deathjack join elisya: Tiaz ( drums ) Bile ( bass ) Emperorfuck ( keyboards )

In 2010 Ophrys (female singer) joins the band. Elisya is now working on the new album, which should be released in the beginning of 2011.