To all the Ones who still have Dreams

What if the Sky should fall down?
And stars like splashing sand
As fireworks explode?
Would You care and would You
Come and ease all this pain
Come and ease all My pain

And what if all this silence
Should cease the sound of Rain?
Would You still expect My hand to come
And take You up, as I did? (As I will)
Come and ease all this pain
Come and ease all Your pain

And I’ve seen You fly so high on the wings of a dove,
But the rain did drop on My shoulders, compelled Me to stay
Nailed and crushed in Your Glory, can’t fly
A Crow can’t sustain this grace and did fell

So You came after all?
Or the rain start’d to fall and finally we ease Our goal
Till it comes again we’ll have once more
We’ll finally be our Own

And We did scream for vengeance,
But We have nothing to avenge;
We truly build Our future,
Or will be built by Them?
Please come and ease all this pain
Come and ease all My pain

Looking up the Great Divide,
The Moon is still up there,
But We are still down here,
Do You really think could be the same?
Come and ease all this pain
Please come and ease all My pain

Lives like traces in water made by drops of rain,
Will this Dream help Us to go on, or just to go down?
Are You still what You meant to, which goal lasts to achieve?
For I Still search inside Me for the things
We had

And You came after all
Will the rain stop to fall or just…again
Will I finally be what I meant to,
And We’ll finally be, We’ll be Our own