Fear Negatron Burner


Fear, food of feeble, by decisions shatters you,
Against the grin of compelled masters,
Yours’ the broken, yours’ the expense
In the time that we’ve been granted,
Long it seems but short till’s planted,
The seed so bitter that’s been sown,
Hard to face it’s just your own

Take a way to drop another, let them choose what is the better
Let them talk till all is broken for rebellion shall be punished

Fear Negatron Burner
A revolt shivers out the warden
Fear Negatron Burner
A solution for life’s harden

There must be a place where We shan’t be afraid

In the shape of things to come
What’s the use of a demand?

Take a way and drop another, chase their ground and prove ‘em lesser
Shut their mouth and turn them broken, for rebellion can’t be shaken