The GoblinTale (The Gallow of Dreams)


Do You remember?
When You were just a child
and You dreamt of Me?
Do You remember?
Nights reading faerytales
By the fireplace?
But now it’s gone,
as Childhood ends You’re doomed to grow
And to forget the GOBLINTALE
A dream twice faded
A vision blurred
Among the woods a mirror’s blackened
Under the Moon
Blood red She shines
Covered by the clouds
You knew me
Remember it
I was your world,your best friend
You gave me a life
Gave me your Dream

Now I’m dying by Reality
Do You remember?
When We shared a life
In Old Books’ pages?
Do You remember?
When You took me
Into your festering Heart?
But as Blood starts flowing
And Lust erases your virginal dreams
The Greed of Life replaced my GOBLINTALE
Remember my song
Remember Me
And keep your sweet Illusions
To make Me be
‘Cause I can live
As long as You dream of Me
Farewell my Beloved