Each days about four hundred thousand peoples dies, and the cause is simply: Gravity>

Lots of running people, of faces and lives
First time I take I glance and look into their eyes
Multitudes of stories, of fights and falls,
And a little happiness, common goal for all

So they do run, one after another, looking straight on
And never looking at their feet
Run and Run one step after another, looking on their shoulders,
And stepping on the flowers

Stop for a while, look in my eyes, what’s the use of spoiling light?

Dreaming for a better life, will it clean Your crimes?

And We do fall, and We do pray,
For everyone, every single day
And We do love and We do hate,
Against us all, to get to clean the plate

Lots of running people, of frightened souls
Tracing routes on earthly plan to an astral goal,
Flowing patterns of feelings and thoughts,
Trying to avoid despair and spoiling the world

So they do run, one after another, and never stop
Never tasting what’s around
Run and Run one step after another, overrun who’s first,
Get overrun by another

Wake up from your cry. Take a Glance inside. Love: can sustain that high?

Is this what You’ve been told? You’re just Raser!

And we do come, and dance around,
one moment high, one moment down
We do get close, to what we hide,
Discovering that is simple,

( I’ve seen You hide what You’ve inside )
( I’ve seen You giving it all away )
( I’ve seen You waste all that You had )
( I’ve seen You giving Your soul away )
( I’ve seen You trusting empty lies )
( I’ve seen you giving Yourself away)

Choose and be Wise