Come on, Brethren, Friends and Sisters
From the West, The East and from the opposite poles
As their armies march under the sign of  Brothel
The fabric of their lies has tear holes;
Reluctantly You bent Your knees, now stand with pride
Born with obedience in your mind, and with a Cross on your chest
Cross your Faith and seize your future
‘Cause tomorrow holds Your future

Here It comes a New Jihad
You call upon it ,and now You got it
Is This Your Jubilee, or a feast on the blood of the weak?
You speak of Justice and of moral –The sperm of your Empire
You teach of Right and wrong, but no one is here to judge
No one is worth to judge
No one is worth to judge
Is this the final stand for the one to bend?
Bend to God or bend to Gold,
Bend to Gold or bend to God?

If no one seeks  no one shall find,
‘cause no one seeks, You sure won’t find
Here it comes a New Jihad
Here it comes a New Jihad